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Program for Post-Graduate Trainees: Academic Clinician Educators

A collaboration with the Harvard Macy Institute

Upon completion of this course, scholars will:

  • Discuss and apply theories of learning to their own teaching practice.
  • Adapt their teaching practices to further the achievement of intended learning objectives.
  • Use feedback for both teaching and learning improvement.
  • Reflect on their own and others’ work in medical education with a scholarly focus.
  • Use a scholarly approach to educational project development.
  • Broaden their own community of clinician-educators within medical education.

December 8-10, 2018

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Reducing the Impact of Climate Change on Health Symposium: The Role of Health Care Professionals

Upon completion of this symposium, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the role of health professionals to advocate for climate/environmental justice for all populations.
  • Identify health risks of climate change.
  • Apply health care models as a framework to understand the implications of climate change and implement action plans.
  • Explore strategies to integrate health issues of climate change into health professions curricula.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

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Leading Across Professions 2019
Interprofessional Innovations to Bridge Learning and Practice

Four-day conference featuring:

  • Large group facilitated analysis of real-world events
  • Small group project-based problem-solving
  • Panel review of existing innovative models
  • Focused workshops
  • Insights from leaders in interdisciplinary clinical initiatives and boundary-spanning leadership and apply theories of learning to their own teaching practice

April 23-26, 2019

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